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Sterling Libs & Co. 

We believe accountants can do a lot to help businesses & individuals boost their finances with some careful tax planning. Tax law is complex & never stays still for long – the “goal posts” keep shifting every now & then. You need an accountant who can work with you to help you stay up to date with the latest rules, reliefs & allowances and ensure that you are not paying more tax than you need to.

We see the details

Tax is a complex area, and becomes more so if you run a business or have several sources of income. Numerous factors will affect the amount of tax you should pay each year, including your job, savings and personal circumstances.

The word – TAX, quite often stirs mixed feelings & reactions in people which often leads to many of them not taking time to look at the details of their tax matters and as a consequence they often end up paying too much.

We can help you understand how the tax system works and never pay a penny more than your fair share of tax at all.

Dealing with the “Tax man” – HMRC

Here is a simple fact – As for long as you have some sort of income coming in (besides gambling & betting income), the word – TAX, is a very near certainty and HMRC will soon be knocking on your “door”.

We have great experience dealing with HMRC on various tax matters and we understand the tax system.

Let us deal with HMRC on your behalf as your agent. You concentrate on running your business and making money and let us help you pay as less tax as is legally possible.

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