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Tired of Waiting to get paid?

If you sell your products & services and collect money later, effective credit control will be one of the most important aspects to running a successful business.

At Sterling Libs & Co, we understand how burdensome that task can be. That’s why our outsourced credit control service dedicates time, attention and expertise to your business’s credit management to leave you the time and resource to focus on core business issues.

Through this service we devote our time and attention to contacting your customers before the invoice is due and maintaining a frequent dialogue, using our experience to ensure timely collections whilst preserving your customer relations.

Our approach is highly effective at resolving any disputes and maximising the recovery of outstanding debts. Throughout the process, we’ll transfer our skills and knowledge to aid you in maintaining healthy cash flow.

If you are not getting paid sooner for your services, we can help you sort that out. Get in touch by clicking on the blue contact us button at the bottom right of this page.